Posted by: jude49 | November 11, 2018

What Does Remembrance Day Look Like Today?

Hello Readers,

As I go about my daily routine, I see most people, young and old, wearing poppies. The poppy can symbolize remembering those who fought for peace, independence and security. Many died, those who lived returned wounded…physically, mentally and emotionally.

As I look at the poppy, I realize that the war for freedom wages on. It is concerning for me to live in Canada, a “free” land and recognize that freedom for some doesn’t fully exist. Racial and homophobic slurs, threats and killings occur too often.

I wonder why it appears so difficult to appreciate and respect the agency of those who choose to live according to beliefs that are not our own, yet abide by the laws of our land. We live in a time where we see people fleeing from their homelands to find places of peace and security for themselves and their families. Many come from cultures different from our own…different dress, different language, different customs…

Do we just see their differences? Can we see the gifts they bring as well? Change from the status quo is hard, but with so many people in desperate situations, we have many opportunities to learn from each other, change beliefs that may no longer be useful and be, think and do in ways that foster integration rather than divisiveness.

Can our poppy be a symbol, too, not only for past freedoms won, but for future freedoms to come for those who are escaping from homelands that no longer want them, who terrorize them? I hope so.

Today, remember our freedoms and those who fought for us.

Today, remember, also, those who need us to free them from the oppressions they currently experience.

Blessings to all.



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