Posted by: jude49 | September 7, 2016

What to Do AFTER a Panic Attack

20160330_152932Hello Readers!

Panic attacks are debilitating…they drain you of your physical, emotional and mental energy. I know. I suffered from them for years. So how do you recover? Try the following suggestions:

  • Rest…It takes a mammoth amount of energy to slog through an attack. When it finally subsides, fatigue sets it. Don’t fight rest and sleep which is exactly what your body needs.
  • Do the Minimum…After an attack, it’s wise to gradually get back into your normal activities. You may take some time off work, cut down on housekeeping chores, make simpler meals, cancel appointments, etc. for a short while. Rushing headlong into a full schedule may well bring on another attack.
  • Eat Well…Fresh fruit and veggies, light salads, fish are good choices. Stay away from processed, packaged and fast food.
  • Drink Water…and plenty of it. You may not feel like drinking a whole glass of water in one sitting…sipping water throughout the day is fine.
  • Nature…Take a walk. Walking grounds you in the present moment. While walking, use your five senses to focus on the beauty in nature.
  • Music…Listen to calming music such as hymns, lullabies, nature sounds, classical music (not Beethoven’s Fifth!).
  • Cry…Crying lets out the frustration, the pain, the agony of the attacks. A good cry can release the pent-up feelings and thoughts that have lived inside you for too long.

If panic attacks continue, see a therapist…preferably one who has experienced one her/himself. I have found that therapists who have actually experienced attacks are more empathic, compassionate, understanding and sensitive.

Remember, that there is usually a genetic component to panic. However, and this point is important, panic attacks are often a response to accumulated stress and a result, many times, of family-of-origin issues that need addressing and family “shoulds” that need revising.

Know that panic attacks need not be a way of life. There is help!

Sending good energy your way.



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