Posted by: jude49 | April 14, 2016

Four Tips to Calm That Anxiety!

Hello Readers!

For years I suffered with debilitating panic and anxiety. One of the good things about that experience was that I learned ways to calm myself down. Here are my FOUR best suggestions:

  • Water is one of your best friends when anxiety strikes. Splashing cold water on your face, neck, and shoulders helps ground you in “the here and now” rather than in the anxious world of the future. In other words, it helps you be present. Drinking cold water, taking a bath/shower, wetting your hair, rubbing an ice cube wrapped in a wash cloth also provides relief.
  • Walking is one of the best ways to lessen anxiety and ground yourself in reality. When anxious, many people feel like they’re “floating.” I found it an odd and terrifying sensation. Putting feet to floor/earth and walking  can take away that sensation. When walking, it may help to say, “left foot, right foot” as you walk. Whenever possible, walk outside.
  • Sing that anxiety away! For years, when I felt anxious at night, I would get out my childhood hymnbook and start singing. Gradually, I felt my muscles relax and the tension leave my body. That “unreal” feeling of seeing through gauze gradually disappeared, and I became grounded in “what is” and not in “what might happen.” Listening to calming music can have a similar effect. However, I found that actually singing the hymns/songs was more effective when I was experiencing high anxiety.
  • Talking myself through tasks was helpful in reducing anxiety and grounding myself in the present. I was most anxious in the mornings so getting ready for school and/or work was often challenging. I would find my anxiety lessening when I would talk myself through my morning routine. For instance, my script might be something like this. “Get two pieces of bread out of the bag for toast. Put the bread in the toaster. Good! Go to the fridge and take out the peanut butter. Now get a bread knife. Let me check on the toast. Still not done. Hmmm. I’ll wash up a few dishes and the toast should be ready…Notice the specificity. It’s important to be specific; if not, your focus will return to anxiety and that’s not where you want it to be.

As usual, I am open to receiving comments and other ideas. One in every 4 women suffer from anxiety so if you have a helpful suggestion, please share! Thanks.

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