Posted by: jude49 | December 19, 2014

My Most Memorable Christmas Present

Hello All,

My most memorable and precious Christmas gift came from my mom when she was in her eighties. She and my dad were living on Vancouver Island, B.C., and I was living in London, ON.

When I opened the box my mom sent, I saw 6 prune cakes. She had made them, and I had tasted them many times before. Tasty!

She had included a letter which included an apology that the prune cakes were slightly burned. I didn’t pay much attention to that statement. My mom had been a professional cook and baker before she married; after her marriage, she still continued cooking, on occasion, for a previous employer. I doubt she had ever burned anything!

When I opened the wrapping, I noticed that the bottoms of the cakes were slightly over-cooked. They still tasted good.

When I phoned to thank her, she was resting, and I talked to my dad. He told me that my mom had wanted to bake me something for Christmas. She had spent 2 days on her feet making the cakes. My mom’s knees were arthritic, and dad told me she was in great pain when she was baking. It was difficult for her to stand. Dad had suggested that she stop, but she refused. She wanted me to have the cakes.

Looking back now, I think she had a premonition that these cakes would be her last baking gift to me. And she was right. She had chosen not to bake me her wonderful cinnamon buns or her one-of-her-kind cookies, but something healthy, something that could be frozen, something practical, something that would last.

Every time I ate a slice of prune cake, I remembered her willing sacrifice for me. I savoured the cake more than usual. I could “feel” her love for me in the cakes. And the burnt pieces…they were the best part.

A gift from the heart…one made with love and perseverance. Thank you, mom.

May you be reminded of special gifts this Christmas!

with love,





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