Posted by: jude49 | November 24, 2014

Relish the Moment!

Hello Readers,

I had just received six new books which I immediately wanted to delve into…however, my dog, Gemma, had other plans. She sat on the pillow next to me, touched my arm with her paw and snuggled closer. I knew what was coming next…sloppy kisses!

A feeling of irritation swept through me. “Not now, Gemmie,” I wanted to say. As I started to open a book, I stopped. “Why must I read this book now?” I asked myself. I put the book down and leaned towards Gemma. We had a pleasant time “being” together. After our snuggle, Gem turned the other way and went to sleep. I opened one of my books and started to read.

Usually when Gemma wants to snuggle, I divide my energy and focus…petting her haphazardly and working on one of my tasks equally haphazardly. After a few minutes, I usually ignore her and focus on what I feel I need to do at the time. I admit that I feel sad when Gem realizes that I’m not her priority, turns away and moves to another part of the bed.

What was the lesson I learned?

Snuggling with Gemma was enjoyable. I let myself be and enjoyed her. When she went to sleep, and I went to work, I felt satisfied. By relishing the time I spent with Gemma, I could put my full energy into my work. No guilt! And more accomplished! And a happy Gemma and a happy me!

What meaning do you make of this post? Does it encourage you to stop multi-tasking?


As usual, comments are welcome.



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