Posted by: jude49 | June 21, 2014

Have you said hello to the crows today?

Dear Readers,

Last week as I walked out of my condo building, I was met by a few pre-schoolers. One of them pointed to the trees, waved hello and said, “Hi crow.” Until then, I hadn’t even noticed the crows!

Later as I was thinking about that experience, I realized that I “see” crows negatively.  Their loud cries of  “caw, caw, caw” remind me of my many times spent on my relatives’ farms in Alberta. Just hearing the distinctive cry of the crows brought worry about the crows. I remember various relatives chasing the crows away. Crows weren’t popular there. I remember seeing numerous scarecrows, built specifically to hopefully divert the crows away from eating the crops.

Today, as I again walked my dog, I heard the crows.  My reaction to them was different. I found their cries comforting.  I smiled. And in my mind, I said hello to the crows.

What made the difference?  I credit that little 4 year old girl for helping me view crows more positively. Today after my walk, I googled crows. I found that they are highly intelligent birds and that they are not picky eaters…both a positive and a negative.

I don’t know why that little girl said hi to the crows. I do know what I saw. Her eyes were bright; her smile was wide. What I heard was an enthusiasm and a joyfulness in her voice. She was present in the moment. She was living in the now. And the result for me was that she changed my perspective on crows. And I thank her!

What is the meaning that I take from this experience? My experience with crows was based on my childhood perceptions. Crows were bad; they could and did destroy crops. However, that is where my understanding of crows stopped. I never researched them. I just continued to view them negatively.

Now I have a more balanced view of crows. I know the positives and negatives. Truthfully, I like them better than I once did!

People are like crows. Many times we have negative experiences with individuals and we keep those perceptions.  We stop “knowing” that person. Our negative experience becomes their identity. We forget that they are more than our negative experiences with them.

My challenge to you: Is there someone in your life that you feel negatively toward based on one or a few negative experiences?  Are you able to open your heart and mind and be curious about who that person really is? Are you willing to be more flexible and open-minded and see that they are more than a few negative experiences?



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