Posted by: jude49 | April 16, 2014

Are You Eating Food or Food By-Products? Here’s Five Tips.

Hello All,

Women who experience anxiety and depression are often significantly affected by what they eat.

How do you know whether you are eating food or food by-products?  Here are five helpful guidelines.

1.  When shopping at your local supermarket, be specific about the foods you are going to buy there. Most of the “good” food is found around the store perimeter. That’s where you can find butter, eggs, oils, yogurt…  There are a few exceptions, though.  I eat a lot of lentils and garbanzo beans…great for summer salads! I also eat canned tuna and salmon.  These products are shelved in the aisles…as are the tins of tomatoes which I use for soups.

This summer, I am planning on growing my own tomatoes and herbs (the plus of having a sunny balcony).  I’ve done this before…I just freeze the tomatoes I can’t eat, dry and store the herbs in a cool place (my locker downstairs) and I can have summer freshness in the winter!

2.  More and more, I am shopping at natural food shops.  Quite by accident, I found a wonderful grocery which is hailed as Vancouver’s first natural health food store.  Reasonable prices!  They had nutritional yeast (use instead of cheese), bottled tomatoes (better than canned), yummy hummus (chemical-free) and different breads, many of them baked locally.  It was a treat to look at the list of ingredients and be able to identify all of them!  As well, I found a wide selection of nuts, spices, dried fruit and seeds, all packaged in different sizes.  Handy!

I appreciated that they had natural ingredients (citric acid, epsom salts, Dr. Bronner’s soap, etc.) to make cleaning products, make-up, soap, bath products…one-stop shopping!

3.  I buy my veggies and fruits at a local market.  The prices are less expensive than the big supermarkets, and they taste better, too.  A few months ago, needing apples for a recipe, I succumbed to buying a bag of apples at a local supermarket.  I didn’t realize the apples were waxed so I just chopped them up au naturale.  When I ate my apple cabbage salad, I could taste the difference between them and the ones I buy at a local market.  I did eat a few of the apples before bed-time, and my tummy let me know that these were waxed apples probably sprinkled (doused) with pesticides.  It took a few days for my system to recover.

4.  Like my mother, I choose to buy my fish at a local fish market.  It’s fresh and healthy looking.  There is little difference in the price between buying the fish at the supermarket and the fish market.  But there is a marked difference in taste!  So, it’s the fish market for me!

5.  Rarely do I buy baked goods at a supermarket.  They are not usually home-made. Making a cake or stirring up muffins rarely takes more than 10 or 15 minutes.  When making baked goods, I decrease the sugar and substitute soy milk powder for milk (and, no, you can’t tell!).

What is the meaning I make of eating good, healthy food?  I value my physical and emotional health.  At times in the past, I wasn’t as careful as I am now, and I paid a heavy price…weight gain, lethargy, increased anxiety and depression, medication costs and insomnia.

With all this said, it doesn’t mean I don’t indulge in treats.  I love gelato, chocolate, and eating out.  However, I am cautious about where I eat out (I avoid fast food restaurants), and I try to do all things in moderation.  My body thanks me for my wisdom!

If you are feeling anxious regularly, do you think food might be a factor?  If so, are you committing to eating healthier?

As usual, I am always open to your comments.

To your health,







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