Posted by: jude49 | March 18, 2014

How Music Heals Me

Hi All,

I live in Vancouver, BC, and it rains…a lot!  In the last few months, the gray skies and what seems to be a constant outpouring of raindrops, many many raindrops, has resulted in a lower energy level and feelings of depression for me.

Today, I was expecting my sister to come for St. Patrick’s dinner, but she was still feeling the lingering effects of cold and flu and not up to the drive from her place to mine.  Crumbs, I thought.  Quite frankly, I wanted to crawl back into bed and stay there.  Before I did, though, I thought I’d post an Irish song on Facebook as it was St. Patrick’s Day.  Listening to Danny Boy/Londonderry Air by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir brought a peacefulness that I hadn’t felt for a few days.  I “needed” to hear more music.  Fortunately, I saw a musical program…close to 2 hours…by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  Most of the songs were from musicals which I love.  As I listened to the choir, orchestra and the soloists, I felt more peace, more calm.  My busy mind full of whirling thoughts and “big” emotions became quiet.

The final offering was a hymn that spoke about pressing on in spite of challenges and dark days.  It was a hymn I needed to hear.  I had let the previous couple of dark and damp days negatively affect my mood.  I had stayed stuck and with that “stuckness” came feelings of discouragement, frustration spiralling into a negative gloom.

After the musical program ended, my mood had brightened considerably.  I saw my dog, Gemma, look at me with pleading eyes.  So off to the off-leash dog park we went.  Seeing Gemma run, talking with a fellow dog-walker, watching other dogs catch balls, roll on the ground, wrestle with each other just upped my spirits.

In the evening, I was able to complete my income tax return, watch a few enjoyable television shows and set some goals for the week.

And all because I started the day out listening to music! 

I invite you to challenge yourself by listening to music that uplifts, transitions you from a negative to a positive mood, energizes, motivates and encourages you to be your best self!

Here is the link to the recording of Danny Boy…  I hope you love the song and the scenery as much as I did.  Oh, and looking at calming scenery can positively change your mood, too!

Until next time,




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