Posted by: jude49 | February 19, 2014

Let Nature Love You!

Dear Readers,


Nature is love!  Everyday, regardless of the season, I love the time I spend outside…even when it rains, a common occurrence in Vancouver, B.C.!

Recently, I have been taking my dog, a Jack Russell who loves nothing better than to run, to off-leash dog parks where she can run on the beach, through the trees and untamed wilderness.  As I watch her discover her new environment, I feel a sense of joy and overwhelming pleasure.  First, I love to see her run.  Second,  the off-leash dog parks are beautiful.  Trees, trails, bushes, logs, sand, streams all set against the magnificence of the Fraser River.

When I first started taking her, I must admit I viewed it as an imposition.  One dog park is 10 minutes away while the other one is 20 minutes away.  As soon as I set foot, though, in the park, I feel free, free to tramp around the park, free to breathe in the fresh air, free to feel the sand, the rocks, free to sit on the logs, free to take a better look at the foliage, free to let the tension drain from my body.

I feel surrounded by nature’s love.  I see the difference…no rock, bush, log is the same.  Nature has a wonderful diversity about it, and it all fits together.  I feel more relaxed, more at peace…

What are the meanings I take from this experience?  

  • First, I realize how vital nature is to my well-being.  When I leave the park, I feel lighter.
  • Second, I love the freedom and value of just being able to play…play with my dog, watching him play on his own and watching him play with others.
  • Third, I am reminded that amongst all the stress in life, nature offers stability.  For example, the trees, old and weather-beaten, still stand.  I feel hope.
  • Fourth, I realize that I am more relaxed, more able to deal with the stresses of the day once I have felt wrapped in the love nature offers me.

What started out as my favor to my dog has resulted in well-being for both of us.  I invite you to let nature love you.  I doubt you’ll regret it!



As usual, comments welcome!


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