Posted by: jude49 | October 14, 2013

A Day of Thanksgiving

Hello Everyone,

Canadians are celebrating Thanksgiving this long week-end.  Sunday was the only day I could connect with my sister, my only relative here on the West Coast.  As I made my way out to her home, about an hour’s drive, negative thoughts whirled through my head.  She’s had much on her plate lately, and I wondered whether she needed the time to be alone…and was inviting me because that’s what she “should” do.  About three blocks into my drive, I decided not to entertain any more negative thoughts.  No matter what, I thought, I am going to have a good day and be happy.

When I arrived, I could tell she was tired.  I handed her a mum planted in a pumpkin shell, smiled and said, “Happy Thanksgiving.”  She was still getting ready, so I took our dogs out for a quick walk.   When I returned, I could see her mood had changed.

It was a lovely day spent walking  around a nearby “artsy” town, eating, talking, walking the dogs and taking in the glories of nature.  It was a beautiful Fall day.

What is the meaning I make of today? 

My attitude, my perspective, my resolve to be authentically positive  determined the course of the day.  I had “dumped” the negative thoughts shortly after I started the trip.  Instead of focusing on all the “negatives” that could happen, I challenged myself to acknowledge them, and, then, to see them for what they were…thoughts, not reality.  Focusing on thoughts, negative or positive, “creates” reality.

As I checked my body during the day, there were a few moments when I felt mildly irritated.  I was able to shift my focus, take care of myself (sit when I needed, for example) and, thus, feel positive about myself.

It was a wonderfully positive day, and I could feel the impact my calmness had on my sister and the dogs.  Surely a day of Thanksgiving!

What do you do when you feel negative energy sneaking up on you?  I’d be pleased if you’d share your thoughts!





  1. I enjoyed this post about your Thanksgiving holiday.You are so right that our attitude often determines the kind of time we will have. I agree that being alert to and aware of body signs, moods, etc, and a determination to shift the negative to the positive makes a huge difference. Our Thanksgiving holiday tends to be a time I think of losses and of two particular ones, since we lost my 24 yr old nephew right at Thanksgiving time, and my parents celebrated their anniversary at this holiday. I will make it a point to watch my responses and do some breathing and relaxation exercises when needed. I am glad you had a good day with your sister. I miss my sister a lot, and imagined the kind of day we might have if she were still alive and if circumstances were different. That gave me pleasure to think about, spurred on by your post, so a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  2. Hello Iris,
    Thank you so much for your comments. It’s hard when deaths coincide with holidays. There are deaths in October in my family as well. I allow the sadness and the gladness of the legacies they left me. I’m grateful that my post helped you think of good times with your sister.



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