Posted by: jude49 | September 23, 2013

The Perks of Imperfectionism

Hello All,

There seems to be a push today to have the perfect home, the perfect wedding, the perfect car, the perfect dinner party…  At times, I watch House Hunters, a show that follows home buyers on their journey to find the “perfect” house.  Usually the house hunters are first time buyers.  And can they be picky!  Usually, at the end of the show, the buyers realize that their perfect house doesn’t exist.  There is always something that they just can’t have (e.g. a garage) or something that needs changing or fixing.

There is much that the experiences of these first time home buyers can teach us.  Here are some learnings that have proved helpful for me.

  • Make friends with imperfection.  Expecting perfection breeds frustration discouragement, anxiety and other negative emotions.
  • Keep expectations realistic.
  • Be at peace with what is and not with what “should” be.
  • Imperfections fade when placing the focus on the positive.
  • Imperfections become opportunities for improvement and creativity.
  • Life is a journey with challenges along the way.  Those challenges help us learn how to cope in wholesome and positive ways.
  • The journey is where growth occurs.

At the end of Home Hunters, the buyers have usually made or are planning to make changes to their houses to make them more their own.  Some of the quirks and quarks that at first buyers found annoying or unnecessary have become endearing or useful.  Often, they find that they can “wait” to make some of the changes they at first just “had” to have.

So what is the meaning I make?  There is NO such thing as perfect!  Growth occurs as we journey towards bettering ourselves.  Obstacles and unexpected twists and turns often turn out to be positives.  And we can be content with “what is” as we progress towards positive growth.

Are my meanings the same as yours?  What other meanings can you add?

Until next time,



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