Posted by: jude49 | May 29, 2013

Death: Expect Temporary Memory Loss and Reduced Energy

Hello Friends,

Recently a friend’s cherished dog suddenly died of cancer.  She and I had made a lunch date when I received a message from her that she had double-booked.  What caught my eye was her comment that she thought she was losing her mind.  I reassured her that wasn’t the case, and we made another appointment.  Shortly after, I received another e-mail where she indicated that, again, she had forgotten a previous commitment and would have to re-schedule.  She commented that she couldn’t understand why she was so forgetful.

Temporary memory loss is common when a death or a significant loss occurs.  I remember when my father died a few years ago.  A few weeks after his death, I started a new job.  I was on my way to Langley where I worked from my home in Richmond and suddenly realized that I had missed the exit to Langley.  I have travelled back and forth to Langley for at least 20 years and had never missed the exit!  Why now?  Simple:  I was in mourning.

Mourning any significant loss is hard work.  Many clients in different stages of grieving constantly comment on their lack of energy.  They are angry and upset at themselves because they simply can’t get things they wanted to do done.

After a loss, the body goes into a natural depression.  It’s a  natural measure our bodies take to protect our organs. (Our bodies are wonderfully intelligent!)  Our body wants us to re-coup, to be gentle to ourselves and not to over-work.  I’m not indicating that we simply stay in bed and do nothing.  What I’m suggesting is that our mind is in our body, and when we feel tired or feel a headache coming on…we need to pay attention and obey our body’s wisdom.  In that way, we will gradually regain our strength and not suffer the setbacks that occur when we “force” our bodies to work harder than their capability.

My challenge to you is:  Can you be kind and compassionate to yourself and let your body’s wisdom lead you in the healing process?




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