Posted by: jude49 | March 25, 2013

Tips for Riding Out Life’s Storms

Greetings Everyone!

A few weeks ago, I watched a film “When She Found Me” which resonated with me.  I hope that some of the meaning I took from it will be pertinent to your life journey.

Briefly, the film tells the story of a young religious woman who experiences several set-backs within a short period of time.  In one scene, she is about to engage in a life-changing event.  However, unlike other times, she doesn’t pray.  Her biological mother, whom she has recently connected with, stops her and asks her why she isn’t praying.  After vigorously trying to avoid responding, she breaks down in her mother’s arms, sobbing and saying, “I always thought God was good.”

After watching the film, I wondered how many people feel like Helen Hunt’s character?  I think many.  I know I have felt that way.  And I imagine that I’ll probably feel that way again.

I think all of us know that we’ll have challenges in life.  But some challenges shake us to our very core, challenge our beliefs and shake our faith.  Helen Hunt’s character had a plan for her life, and she found herself facing situations that left her disorientated, questioning and reeling in disbelief.

It is hard to believe in God or a higher power when it seems that our life is turned upside down, and everything seems to contradict what we thought was right.  In the film, things did work out, but not how Hunt’s character had planned.  And yet, she got what she wanted.

Although this movie was meaningful on many levels, I took away the following three learnings.

  • When harsher realities than anticipated occur, it doesn’t mean that God or the universe has turned against me.
  • Doing my best and opening my heart and mind to “hearing” my inner wisdom is more positive than remaining rigid and frightened, thus closing myself off to new possibilities.
  • Tossing out beliefs and all else that has sustained you when a crisis hits has more disadvantages than advantages.  Let a cool head and heart prevail.

Change is a constant in life AND nothing lasts forever (thankfully!)  My challenge to myself and to all of you is:  “What helps you stay grounded when everything around you seems chaotic?




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