Posted by: jude49 | February 27, 2013

The Power of Visualizing Your Place of Peace

Greetings Everyone!

Visualizing a place of peace is a powerful way to soothe oneself.  Visualization is a way of capturing an image or images that, when practiced consistently, can almost instantly calm a stressful body and a noisy mind.

For many of us, those calming images come from our growing up years.  For me, as a panicky child, my places of peace  were riding my bike and swimming.  When I was engaged in those activities, I felt totally relaxed and free from anxiety.  Although I haven’t ridden a bike in years and my days of swimming regularly are over, I can still bring those images of riding down a hill and spending endless days and evenings swimming to mind.  And they rarely fail to bring a smile to my face.  Just the act of smiling releases the negative energy in my body.  And as I close my eyes and focus on bringing those images to mind, I am enveloped by calm.  My noisy brain clears and the stress in my body drains away.  Many of my clients remember youthful pursuits such as fishing, boating, swinging in a hammock, camping in the woods or by a lake as places of peace. which when brought to mind, calm and soothe them.  Do any of these places resonate with you?

Present-day pursuits  can also serve as places of peace.  As I have grown older, I find walking (especially by the water), cuddling my dog, watching sunsets, reading scriptures, listening to calming music bring me to a place of serenity.  Common places of peace for my clients often include memories from vacations  such as skiing, walking on the sand, and swimming with dolphins.  At stressful times, they can bring those images into the present and be transported back in their minds and bodies to those feelings of serenity.  A brief re-creation of the place along with the associated calm feelings washes over the body, depleting the negative stress and restoring positive energy. What images from nature or your holidays help you totally relax?

When you visualize a place of peace, INCLUDE YOUR SENSES.  Focus on:

  • smells
  • sounds
  • touch
  • sight
  • taste

An example.  I love the water and sand of the many beaches around Victoria, B.C.  When I left there to pursue graduate studies in Utah, I included in one of my suitcases a little box filled with sand and a few stones and shells.  When I felt lonely and homesick, I opened my box.  Just smelling the sand, fingering the shells and stones, brought back calming memories of sitting on logs, my feet in the sand and looking at the water.  Many calming images came to mind.  I could see the blueness of the sky, taste the spray of the water, hear the seagulls arguing over a piece of food, hear the hum of the passing boats and feel the warmth of the sand under my feet.  The pressures of graduate school as well as the stresses of living in a new environment melted away.  I was able to return to my work and focus on the task at hand.

I can assure you that if you take time to visualize your place of peace often, you will notice important changes…

  • more energy
  • more positivity
  • less negative emotions AND
  • an increased sense of calm and well-being.

When you are calm, you exude positive energy and that impacts those around you.  Your calmness has a ripple effect.  What is your place of peace where you go to de-stress and re-energize?





  1. Nice post! My 84 yr old mother is suffering from severe low back pain due to arthritis. The docs want to do surgery, but after convincing her to try alternative approaches first, I created a visualization tape for her to listen to wherein she imagines her back healing itself. I don’t take credit, but her pain is now manageable and her level of disability has greatly decreased. Every little bit helps. Keep on going.

    • Hello,

      I do apologize for not replying earlier. I’m still new to all of this! What a wonderful idea to create such a positive visualization tape for your mom! Visualizing wellness brings positivity…it’s saying yes to your life energy. Thanks for sharing. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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