Posted by: jude49 | November 18, 2012

How Can I Be Peaceful When My Life is in Turmoil?

Hello All,

One of my clients, who is faced with a hard decision about whether to stay or leave a relationship, asked me, “How can I keep calm when all this chaos intrudes on my life? Excellent question.

I believe earth life is a test. It isn’t meant to be easy.  There are always problems in life. And those problems can make for a “busy” mind when we constantly think of solutions.  A busy mind, though, doesn’t bring solutions.  It creates more frustration, worry and fear.

There is a way that all of us can come to solutions.  I believe each of us have inner wisdom that we can access.  Answers come when we quiet our mind.  When we have “big” emotions, we need to calm them so we can access wisdom from both our emotional and logical brains.  Wise decisions involve input from both brains.

How do we access inner wisdom?  We do so through meditation…visualization, focusing on following our breath in and out, prayer…Meditation, when done regularly and consistently can bring us the peacefulness needed to reach a thoughtful and reasoned decision.  And, yes, it IS hard to focus when we feel engulfed by a multitude of feelings and thoughts.  But a mindful attitude can be accomplished when we treat ourselves with compassion, kindness and non-judgementally.  When negative thoughts come, acknowledge them, lovingly let them go and ground yourself once again in your form of meditation.  You may do this many times.  It’s normal!  Gradually, though, the intrusive thoughts won’t pop up so much. And the answers will come…  Maybe the answers won’t come as quickly as you want, but they will come.

My challenge to you is can you commit to taking a few minutes several times a day to quiet your busy mind?  There are answers to be found in a peaceful mind.

Until next time,



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