Posted by: jude49 | September 6, 2012

Change is Hard, Necessary and Good!

Hello All,

Have you ever felt resistance when you FEEL change is the air?  Well, that’s been me for the last week.  No fun!  But it’s also no fun when you know deep down inside that change needs to occur for your own well-being.

Today, I gave up resisting, and I felt peace, calm and clarity of purpose.

Accepting what is and giving away what can’t be–at least at this point–flooded me with motivation and a desire to move forward positively.  Sometimes, I have to sit in my pain and distress.  While I do, though, I keep praying, my form of meditation, and keep reading (one of my ways of gathering wise “gems” that I know will eventually lead to a lightbulb Ahah moment).  Many times, our acceptance to change doesn’t come instantly.  It comes one step at a time…precept upon precept..and then all the knowledge comes together as a whole.  It’s a miraculous and exquisite moment.  Direction becomes clear as the stupor of thought recedes and lets the light in.

What’s the meaning I take from this?  It’s hard to be in the dark; it’s hard to keep moving step by step in the dark, doubting if the light will appear and wondering if I have the energy to keep on moving…  Remembering past experiences of different dark moments that passed into the light helped me to continue my journey.

Sometimes, I think i’ve had enough dark moments, and I want the light most, if not all the time.  Growth, though, embraces both the dark and the light.  Without both, how would we know true joy?





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