Posted by: jude49 | June 17, 2012

What You Can Do Now to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is a growth industry. More and more men, women and youth are reporting anxiousness. I invite you to put into practice the following suggestions which you can start NOW.

  1. EAT—Foods that contain sugar and ingredients that you can’t read are not good for you. Choose vegetables, fruits, whole-wheat grains, fish and nuts over processed food, sugary snacks, red meat, and take-out food. The food you need is found on the outside aisles of the supermarket. When possible, shop for your veggies and fruits at a farmer’s market. They are less expensive, healthier and last longer.

  2. DRINK—Make water your drink of choice. Drink enough water so you keep yourself hydrated. Without water, you can become anxious. Eliminate or cut down on caffeine drinks. Drink herb tea rather than “real” tea or coffee. Avoid pop and energy drinks (sugar often “heightens” anxiety).

  3. SLEEP—Make sure you sleep at least 8 hours. If not, you will probably find you are crabby, irritable and grumpy as well as less able to cope with the pressures of the day. If you want a calm sleep, engage in calming activities before bed-time. Best not to watch the news right before going to bed!

  4. EXERCISE—Just 15 minutes a day will do it! Walking is the best and least expensive exercise. Moving your body and breathing in the fresh air calms an anxious mind.

  5. TECHNOLOGY OFF—At least an hour before bed, turn off the cell-phone, the video games, the computer, etc. Have other times in the day, as well, when you take scheduled breaks from technology such as dinner-time. Make scheduled time to play with your children, to visit a neighbour, to phone a friend, to garden, to walk (unplugged) and listen to the sounds of nature.

  6. BREATHING—Practice focusing on following your breath in and out. Anxious folk have a tendency to ruminate about all the things they “could have and should have done” and the “what ifs”… When your mind wanders, focus on your breathing and that will clear your “noisy” mind.

  7. BREAKS—Anxious folks tend to be perfectionnists. You’ll find that you’ll accomplish far more if you take breaks while you work.

  8. MUSIC—Soothing music is calming, and it will often lull you into a restful sleep.

 As a therapist who has experienced both panic attacks and anxiety, I can vouch that the above suggestions work. With consistent practice, these suggestions become patterns and with with new patterns comes change and a less anxious you! Try them and see and let me know how you make out?

Until next time,





  1. Good, sound advice!!

    • Thank you, Iris. 🙂

  2. Those are great tips, Judith. And I love the blog’s cover photo – it’s soothing just looking at it!

    • Thank you for your comments, Catherine. And I love the picture, too, as it reminds me of the English countryside.

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