Posted by: jude49 | June 17, 2012

Appreciating Myself More

Hello and Welcome,
I love February.  The long month of January is finally over, and February, at least on the West Coast, means that the spring flowers that I love so much, start to peek their tiny heads above the ground.  New beginnings! My new beginning this February is to appreciate myself more.
The first time I heard this phrase “appreciate yourself” was during my Satir training.  (For more information on Satir training, see my web-site,  During our training, when one of the group would tell of something they had accomplished that they had struggled with, our instructor would often say, “And can you appreciate yourself for that?”  Many of us would pause and say, “Yeah” in a tentative voice.  She told us to really take our accomplishment in, to think about it, to feel it, to integrate it.  For a long time, I found appreciating myself hard to do.  It seemed easier just to brush it off with “Oh yeah, I guess that was an accomplishment.”
So many times we get caught up with what we can’t do, with what we have yet to accomplish that we forget to stay in the “present” and appreciate what we are doing now to move towards positive change and growth. My challenge for you, as it is for myself, is to identify something that you are working on to accomplish.  Right now, I am working on being more patient with myself.  Every step that I make towards positive change, I try to stop myself and say, “Hey, you even though you hit 5 red lights in a row and you find that frustrating, you’ve managed to acknowledge the frustration, let go of it and stay calm.  That’s positive.”  
Good self-talk is one of the best ways to appreciate yourself. My challenge to you is, “What can you appreciate about yourself today?”  You’ll find that when you consistently stop to “drink” in the positive growth in your life, you’ll have more energy, feel more confident, be more grateful, be less judgemental of yourself and others.  And, you’ll be more compassionate towards yourself and others.  Try it!  Let me know how you make out…
With every good wish,

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