Posted by: jude49 | June 17, 2012

Accentuate the Positive

Hello All,

I stepped outside my apartment building yesterday, and my eye caught one of Spring’s delights, a row of purple crocuses. It was a rainy day, but the beauty of the crocuses is what I remember… As I write this post, I am smiling as I see those crocuses, all lined up against the gray of the apartment building.

Interestingly enough, when the individual I was waiting for arrived, I completely forgot about the crocuses and engaged her in a conversation about the rain! As I have reflected on this experience, I have come to the meaning that so often we “see” the positive, but we dismiss it about as quickly as we see it.

Earth-life is full of problems. That’s just the way it is. However, there is always a positive in the negative. Sometimes, I admit, it is difficult to find. One question might be, “Why even look for the positive?” Identifying and taking hold of the positive can determine our attitude and how we approach the problematic issue. When we focus on that one positive, small as it might be, it changes our mood, our attitude and can eventually lead to positive change and growth.

Here’s an example. I have just begun to blog. I posted my first blog last Sunday. I promised myself that I would blog at least two, preferably three times, a week. I had great expectations that my second blog would hit the press last Wednesday at the latest (it’s Friday now), and my third blog would be published on Friday. Well, I missed the Wednesday deadline, and I probably won’t meet my expectation of three blogs this week. Thinking about not meeting my goal made me feel anxious. “Can I really do this blog thing?” “Maybe I shouldn’t started this.” And on go the comments, all negative. Just as I am feeling that I’ll wait and start fresh on Monday, a thought comes to mind. I DID have positive feedback from my first blog. That thought starts me feeling more positive, positive enough to drag myself from my living room couch to actually sitting in front of my computer starting to write. Yes, throughout writing this blog, I’ve hit “blog block” and had to re-focus my thoughts, but I’ve been able to do that because I have kept the positive feedback foremost in my mind.

Focusing on the positive have had the following results for me:

  • increased energy

  • more positive thoughts

  • positive change in mood

  • change in feelings (feeling excited now)

  • increased self-confidence

  • increased self-esteem (coping in a wholesome way)

  • motivation to work on other tasks connected with building my practice and

  • a completed blog post.

My challenge to myself and to you, my readers, is to choose the crocuses over the rain. See what focusing on the positive rather than the negative can bring!  





  1. Again, you write in a way that is accessible and finds a common denominator for your readers so they/we always take something good away. You are so right in what you say.

    Don’t feel too bad though about your self-imposed deadlines. I go through the same thing. I think it’s better to blog when we feel inspired to say something in particular than to just do it because we have pushed ourselves. A little self-motivating never hurt anybody but inspiration probably creates a more effective post for our readers.

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