Posted by: jude49 | May 5, 2012

Appreciate Yourself!

Hello Everyone!

When I initially ask clients to “appreciate” themselves, I’m usually met with blank stares and two questions, “What does that mean?” AND “How do I appreciate myself?”

What does appreciating yourself mean? To me, the following comes to mind…

  • Accept yourself for who you are now. Wishing you were someone else leads to spiralling downward into negativity.

  • Acknowledge that life is a journey and that positive change is always possible. I don’t think I have met anyone who doesn’t want to be better or do better. Remember that becoming and doing better is anchored on faith (“Faith it ’til you make it”) and hope.

  • Encouragement is a great motivator, no matter your age. All of us have things that are hard for us to be or do. If you are working on becoming more patient with yourself, note the times that you have made progress. Telling yourself, “Hey, last week, if that would have happened, I would have spent 15 minutes criticizing myself. Today, I started criticizing myself, but after 5 minutes, I stopped. That’s improvement.”

  • Be more comfortable with imperfections—yours and others. Know that others, like you, usually do the best they can. When you can give yourself a break, it’s easier to give others the benefit of the doubt.

  • Be more tolerant of your mistakes. As Richard Carlsen stated, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” An example: last week, I was about to make an apple salad. I looked in the fridge to grab the cream, and eventually I found it in the freezer! I started to giggle. I remember a time when I would not have had such a light-hearted response had I done something similar. Getting angry for mistakes wastes positive energy.

  • Recognize that feelings and thoughts are not your identity. They’re just mental images and, like the rain, they come and go.

  • Be grateful and thankful for what you have. Count your blessings, one by one and it will surprise you how much you have been blessed.

How can you appreciate yourself?

The best way to appreciate yourself is good “self-talk.” Keep a continuous positive dialogue with yourself. Encourage yourself; congratulate yourself on reaching milestones towards a goal; affirm your positive qualities. Some people may think this is bragging, but it’s not. At every stage of life, we are trying to be and do better. Just like we encourage children learning how to ride a bike, we need to do the same as adults. We may not receive external recognition all the time, but we can always appreciate ourselves and celebrate our victories and achievements ANYTIME.

Consistently appreciating yourself maintains your self-esteem You look at yourself as continuing to close the gap between who you are now and who you want to become. You become more comfortable in your own skin. You become less judgemental and more compassionate towards yourself and others. Your ability to solve problems calmly increases. You can look at yourself in the mirror and like who you see. You can see and acknowledge the growth and realize that you continue to progress towards the best you can be!

What can you appreciate about yourself today?

Until next time, 




  1. Very good advice! I think many people need to practice positive self-talk as it doesn’t come naturally to most. Good article!

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment, Iris. You’re right; positive self-talk doesn’t come easily.

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